Will SlabGasket work between pool deck and coping?

Chris, I have been out of town and I don’t see where your question was answered, so . . .

Sometimes it will.

BUT – Most of the time the gap between the pool coping and pool deck is not a uniform gap in width OR depth where SlabGasket could work. You would have to pull some of the goop out and look to see. You wouldn’t want to grind out the coping, but the deck can be ground out with a concrete blade to make SlabGasket work, and I have done it on both residential and community pools, but the labor time can last days and lots of concrete blades (not cheap). If SlabGasket is not an option, you might consider a product called Crack-stix. Google that and see if that product might work better for your application. As I recall, it requires a torch to melt into the joint.

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