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SlabGasket Driveway Expansion Joint Replacement

I think I’ve finally found a solution. Thanks.

I’ve been trying for some years now to deal with the construction gaps between garage slabs and driveway slabs after the original fiber expansion fillers decayed. I tried various liquid fillers which, according to the manufacturers’ claims, would solve the drainage and future erosion problems. None of them lasted more than one winter, and all were messy. I just installed slabgasket in a couple of different widths for different sized construction gaps, and I have to tell you that the product is great – it installed easily and fit quite tightly. The rainwater that once drained through the gaps and under the slabs now runs off harmlessly. From the looks of the gasket, it should last quite a few years. I think I’ve finally found a solution. Thanks.


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  • Frank Kuligowski  says:

    I removed rotted 2x4s expansion joints on my driveway and I ordered the 2″ wide slab gasket. and it is loose about an 1/8 of an inch in the joint. what can I do to have it fit tightly.

    • George  says:

      You aren’t in our customer base, and did you order samples including the 2″ version? How did the sample fit? Please reply to me at george@slabgasket.com

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